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Maître Julie MADRE is French lawyer expert in French nationality law who provides assistance, in French and English, in a full range of :

French citizenship and nationality by filiation

French citizenship by declaration (for instance French nationality by marriage)


She lived several years abroad in Europe and Asia and is registered to Paris Bar since 2006.


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Update September 2022 : New rules on French nationality certification application process

France has recently updated the French nationality certificate (CNF) application process.

From September 1st, 2022, you should complete an application form and provide compulsory  documents to submit your French nationality certificate application.

French administration should reply within 6 months - ro, in case of difficulties, they have up to 18 months to reply.

Notifications will be sent by email.

Consult with Julie MADRE - Paris Bar Lawyer - for a step-by-step guide on your CNF application.