Attorney fees

Need an Attorney for

- an video consultation

- a written consultation - I analyse in detail your documents

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To make an appointment  : 100 euros

Appointment can be held :



at Maître MADRE Paris' legal office

It takes approximatly half an hour. Maître Julie MADRE advises you to the right procedure.

Legal consultation : 300 euros

1. You email me your documents and questions

2. I analyze in detail the documents you sent me

3. I call you back (by video) - duration of the telephone call is about 30 minutes

4. I send you a summary by email


During this consultation your situation will be examined and possibly different solutions will be proposed with, for each of them, the corresponding fees.


Where possible Maître MADRE offers fixed fee packages for assisting you either with advice or with an application. If it is not possible to provide a fixed fee then we will provide a clear indication of the likely fee based on an agreed scope of work.


In accordance with the internal rules of the Paris Bar, the fee charged by the firm for a given service depends primarily on the following criteria:
− the time spent,
− the nature of the case,
− the complexity and technicality of the case,
− the degree of urgency.

Type of fees options


French Nationality :

- from 600 euros HT (720 euros TTC) to determine whether you are eligible to begin applying for French citizenship

- 1800 euros (2160 euros TTC) for an action before the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris (in demand or in defense) - you need to add approximatly 120 euros for judicial costs such as bailif fees and legal stamps - A result fee in case of success will be included in the fee agreement.


These expenses may be covered, in whole or in part, by your legal protection insurance.


Maître MADRE also agrees to be appointed as legal aid in matter of French nationality. A letter of acceptance, which you must attach to your application for legal aid, must be given to you by the lawyer.


You can download the application form for legal aid.

Based on time spent

Maître Julie MADRE hourly rate is 160 euros HT.


Additional fees in case of success

In both type of fees options, Maître Julie MADRE can propose additional fees in case of success. It could be a fixed sum or a percentage of the gains obtained or the savings made but in France it can not be the only way of calculating fees.

As is customary in the legal profession, an advance payment is requested at the opening the file, which is then deducted from the amount of the invoice issued for the case.